Thursday, March 28, 2013


League of USAian* Cyclists announced their National Bike Month activities today. Bike Month is in May. Website includes downloadable PDFs, including the "Bike to Work Commuter's Booklet". This is the front and back cover. Oops. Wonder if they have cancelled his membership... (Update, 8 April, the PDF with Armstrong is still available.)

Okay, okay, as you can see the pamphlet has the old logo, so they probably just forgot to check everything that was going out. I assume they will not be handing this out and that the people on the front and back of the update will not be "white" men.

*"USAian" because "American" as the reserved adjective for the not eponymous country is offensive to quite a number of people hailing from the other areas between the North Pole and the Tierra Del Fuego.

A number of years ago the organization was called the "League of American Wheelmen", so the newer name IS better.

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David Hembrow said...

They're obviously pushing the convenience aspect of commuter cycling.

With help from the right doctor you can get to work in no time at all. Who know's what's in that coffee.

"It's not about the bike", as someone or other once said...