Monday, October 31, 2011

Everyone is wearing a helmet, even if they aren't! Two Contests from Nutcase Helmets!

To celebrate the change in position on mandatory helmet laws from Bicycle Transportation Alliance  (BTA), in Oregon, USA, Nutcase Helmets is holding two contests! 

As the BTA will start to phase out photos of riders not wearing helmets in all publicity materials. BTA Executive Director Rob Sadowsky said "We've traditionally showcased people with and without helmets. In the future, it will only be riders with helmets."


People should send in a digital photo of themselves wearing a Nutcase Helmet. There have to be other - and only - helmeted cyclists in the photo. Whoever has the most helmeted cyclists in a photo wins the contest, and for every photo we receive with more than 10 helmeted cyclists Nutcase will give BTA 100 dollars. Also, it is okay to use Photoshop*.


This requires a bit of explanation: Scientific research provided the impetus for Nutcase's well-known slogan "I Love My Brain". We found out that people - not just cyclists - who do not wear helmets are self-hating, and that their most vicious malice is reserved for their "grey matter". This slogan has served us well by creating divisiveness among lovers and friends -- and we are proud that the magazines we place advertising in and retail outlets which sell our product don't seem to notice that! But we think it may be time for a new slogan to put on our helmets. 

There will be two categories: Short slogans and long slogans. Short slogans have to be six words or less. The long ones will not be on the helmets themselves; they will be represented by/linked from a QR code that will be on the outside of every Nutcase Helmet starting in 2012. 

Here are some examples of slogans created by our staff:

Short slogans: 
"Helmet-Wearers Think"
"Real Cyclists Wear Helmets"
"This Is Not Amsterdam"
"I Am Scared Of Spiders"

Long slogans:
"In the Netherlands, nearly 100% of cyclists killed on the roads aren't wearing helmets!"
"In modern professional cycle racing, nearly 100% of cyclists killed are wearing helmets."

Rejected slogans (staff-members were terminated, also for other activities):
"I Love My Driving Helmet"**
"Proud Victim of Fear Mongering." 

See the Nutcase Helmets website for more info.

Slow Factory is a proud partner of this initiative for safety and hopes to see you in Vancouver for Velo-city in 2012!