Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Non-profit pro-helmet group in Canada sponsored by automobile producer

In September 2010 Prohab organised some kind of helmet-themed art show, and in a subsequent entry in their blog they thanked this sponsor for their support of the show.

In a related video, the (presumably) staff of Profab pilot "borrowed" samples of sponsor's product in order to show how they could avoid obstacles in a modern city.

p.s. Also related.


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Dustin said...

I agree, that's convenient for your case, as well as Mikael's. However Scion donated the money for the art event as part of their artist session grants. It was a one time donation of $500.00 towards that event, and frankly, I don't even think they looked into what Prohab is.

Slow Factory said...

Dustin from Prohab: I have heard this "don't even think they looked into" thing many times, and in the case of Scion I truly doubt it as they have an elaborate marketing machine. I have worked on film festivals where every move - in the form of a free product or a monetary donation of any size - from a corporate sponsor was deliberate and could send any new intern who made a mistake into the corner, sobbing. So... we are both guessing, but by saying it is "convenient" for us what are you saying about Scion?

Dustin said...

I was going to write that Scion didn't even handle the sponsorships, Beyond Marketing Group did. But then I could see you telling me that they represent mostly automobile companies... we could go on and on.
At the end of the day, We are going to continue providing helmets by donation to those in Vancouver where it is mandatory by law. It's the riders choice to contact us and get one.

Slow Factory said...

No, Dustin. I was just saying that I really think that Scion WAS aware and that very likely that "intern" - not speaking literally, just anthropomorphicizing an internal mechanism - got a big thumb's up from her boss when they decided or processed, etc. a helmet pusher as a partner for a car company! Open a bottle of irony champagne!

And of course - if you really care about cycling safety - why are you partnering with a manufacturer of fast, private urban automobiles?

Nevertheless, you are of course welcome to join the "No Mandatory Helmets..." group if you don't think that there should be a law compelling people from Vancouver (and B.C.) to wear "brain buckets".