Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Amazing and Fashionable Airbag Bike Helmet

OK. This is so terrible that we should waste as little time as possible on it. A crew from Malmö, Sweden at the design firm Hövding has created what Treehugger calls an "airbag for your head". It normally sits around your neck as a huge, stupid, puffy, totally impractical collar. See also Bike Snob's take on it, this and David Report.

Is there some international police force, Interpol, etc., someone at the UN who can go make a visit - here is their address - and arrest them for this total garbage? A citizen's arrest, even? OK, like I said, can't take more time with this... thanks for your cooperation.

See more on bicycle helmets here. I am pro-choice on helmets, and generally refer to the position of the great CICLE from Los Angeles - my home town! - on this subject.

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Anonymous said...


That is a guaranteed way of ensuring your head WILL hit something...

Car drivers are most at risk so if they'll try it first to show that it works then we should consider it for cyclists... and pedestrians... and the elderly... and anyone who takes a shower...

Primal Tuna

Boocks said...

Hi, find your post interesting and informative. I'll drop by again sometime. Thanks!