Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dogs on Board! 1 of 4

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MarkM said...

I work for the DogTravel Company and it's great to see there are other organizations out there pushing for DogFriendly Travel!

Our Founder were involved in the Katrina & Rita rescues and airlifting pets out of the gulf to foster homes and rescues that could help them in other areas and saw all the difficulties that there were in trying to find safe travel for all these animals. They started planning and then in 2007 launched the DogTravel Company. We started as a company that would fly dogs of all sizes in the cabin of the aircraft sitting next to their human companions and have evolved into an organization that also offers dog friendly train service, cruises and vacations. We are a travel club, and as you guys know the commercial airlines and Amtrak wouldn't let larger dogs on board in the cabin so we took matters into our own hands and started to provide our own dog friendly services. Our travel services are available anywhere our members want to travel.

We are right behind you in this effort and it would certainly make our jobs much easier if Amtrak and the commercial airlines and cruiselines would allow dogs on board with their people.

Please include me and our company in your efforts. We'd love to help anyway we can!

Mark M
DogTravel Company

Anonymous said...

I recently moved from London to NY and am extremely disappointed that I cannot bring my dog on the subway. In London the presence of the dog actually makes most people smile. Good luck with this effort.