Sunday, January 20, 2008

JCDecaux, Škoda Auto and Prague Transport attack sustainability in "PT: Self-Harming Adverts" + bonus

Prague is a marvellous place to be cynical!

My Flickr Set Self-Harming Adverts in Public Transport...

... continues with coverage of an absolute bombardment for the New Year, in which Škoda Auto, (owned in full by VW - which is partly owned by Porsche, aided by JCDecaux (the saviour of Paris) and Prague (Public) Transport, invite the latter's (future former) customers - among others - to BELIEVE that if you have to:

* Carry a large animal
* Move house, or
* Have unexpected visitors...

You need a new Škoda combi.

The intention of Porsche/VW/Škoda is clear, the confusion of Prague Transport in assaulting their city is not, and if anyone thinks that JCDecaux actually cares about sustainability, well, then they have their head buried in the sand at the Seine.

This next totally-predictable miracle of the Automobile Advertising Industrial Gigaplex starts here:

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Of course, the bombardment is not just coming from Stuttgart*, Wolfsburg**, Mlada Boleslav*** and Neuilly-sur-Seine****, but also from Seoul***** and Vevey******:

HQ index:
* Porsche
** VW
*** Škoda Auto
**** JCDecaux
***** Kia
****** Nestle, the owner of Orion)


Anonymous said...

I agree completly. There needs to be standards for advertising on Public Transport. Its an insult to people who take the tram-bus etc out of choice for the myriad reasons not to have a car. Shall we do some campaign about this?

-Chris Coleman from Carbusters

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I don't really got where you are heading to with the post. Skoda is owned by Volkswagen, and it tries to aim at families. This is what we all know. But I don't get the rest...

Slow Factory said...

Prague Transport (Dopravní podník, Prahy) is also aiming at families, so why does it allow companies with which it competes unfairly (to the advantage of the car company) to advertise pretty much directly to its customers? Aside from the environmental issues, it is just bad business. Won't else don't you get?